“We have been solution providers since 1990 providing transformative, collaborative and accelerated results for industry sectors, companies, governments and communities.”

Frank Wyatt & Lynda Ford

We guarantee leverage of our networks, contacts and intelligence to challenge your perspectives to get you better outcomes and then we provide support in the implementation of these outcomes.

As solution providers we seek to understand your needs and requirements even better than you know them.
Our solutions will offer you options that will take you further than originally conceived and we’ll work with you to affect the changes required to implement these options.

Our many clients have commissioned us to undertake a variety of roles including Industry Reviews, Business and Organisational Reviews, Community Strategies and Policy and Program Performance Reviews.

Our Team

Frank Wyatt
Frank Wyatt
Managing Director

Frank Wyatt is a nationally recognised specialist in innovative business thinking and processes bringing together teams of expertise and excellence to drive growth through business innovation, leadership, collaboration and strategy in businesses and organisations. 

Frank is founder or co-founder of several companies and is presently Managing Director of Enterprising Partnerships, Icon Principle and Executive Accelerators.

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Lynda Ford
Lynda Ford
Chief Executive Officer

As an internationally acknowledged specialist in community development, Lynda’s experience spans non-government, government, industry and public research organisations. 

Having worked for almost 30 years with individuals, families and communities, industry associations, local government, universities, state government and as CEO for a national professional association, Lynda’s capabilities include grant management, contract management, outcome delivery, strategic planning, financial management, project management, human resource management, thought leadership and sector leadership within Australia’s community services sector, policy development and implementation, and direct service work with disadvantaged people, groups and communities.

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We passionately value:

Responsive Interactions:
we move you and your organisation beyond limiting beliefs, offering new insights and seeking new learning and solutions, and through experience raise questions for ongoing discovery.

Innovative Practice: innovation is the delivery of solutions to solve issues and problems. We enable you to resolutely hone your capabilities to refine what is useful, how to apply it, when and for whom.
Moving from Transactional to Collaborative Practice: we revel in building more from joining together to build shared value; the essence of such collaborations are thriving relationships respectful of each other's uniqueness.

Bold Choices: we embrace productive change through innovation. We foster leadership and growth for your future. Our richness of experience, depth of knowledge and the quality of our work reflects in the choices we offer you.

Our Businesses

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Capability Development

We specialise in distinct capabilities development strategies that we customise in providing you with solutions to your issues and problems.

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