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Icon Principle™

Over the next 10 years, all industries will face a significant transition in leadership; there is a risk that the talent of this leadership will be lost unless captured and transferred.

Icon Principle is the accelerated leadership program we deliver across a range of Australian industries including water, wine and defence to harvest the wisdom and tacit knowledge of legendary industry leaders. 

Young professionals need access to Icons to enable their confidence to take on leadership responsibilities supported by an Industry network of companies. 

Passing on knowledge and the 'how to...' of their achievements and vision for a company or industry to emerging leaders will be their greatest legacy.

Industry sectors that value and invest in knowledge flows have been demonstrated to accelerate the growth of their market access and gross market share.

“What this program has contributed to me personally is more than I could have ever imagined, it totally exceeded all of my expectations. I have gained a greater sense of self awareness and understanding of my own ability to lead”

Wine Industry Future Leader

Talk to us if you'd like a leadership program grounded in practice rather than theory!

Walk a Mile™

Walk a Mile™ is our unique empathy and leadership development experiential workshop.

Anticipated outcomes of the 3 hour workshop include:
  • enhancement of individual and team empathy;
  • improved cohesion via comprehension of the diversity of colleagues' life experiences;
  • reasons for the need for leaders to demonstrate critical decision-making and judgment.
Here's what some of our workshop participants have said:

'Brilliant! Engaging, excellent presentation - defined cultural diversity perfectly.'
'Thoroughly enjoyed the role play session. Very thought provoking and challenged my way of thinking.'
'The way you engaged everyone in the session was amazing.'
'I can't stop thinking about it.'
'A chance to stop, think and empathise with real situations happening every day.'
'Opened my eyes to the trauma refugees can endure.'

To provide your team with a new approach to experiencing leadership and empathy, find out more from Lynda Ford on 0414 440 483 or to book a workshop, contact Sam Kurikawa on 0424 827 744.

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