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Frank Wyatt - Wednesday, February 05, 2014 -

Engaging the future

The real focus of academic entities is teaching and research and Enterprising Partnerships understand that strategic planning is a lesser priority. However, engaging the future through planning allows for greater transparency and engagement of the team in a shared vision for going forward.

Balancing priorities across academic entities is always challenging as demands invariably exceed opportunity when juggling staffing, timetables, student demands, research portfolios and governance issues. Careful planning in these environments allows for greater inclusiveness, optimisation of effort and choosing between options for achieving the best business model.

Why Strategic Planning 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Knowing where you are, where you want to get to and how to get there needs to be a shared journey for most academic entities, involving teams from different perspectives and interests. 

Achieving focus through strategic planning allows everyone to ‘come on board’ with the vision, strategy and processes whilst sharing their own perspectives and passion. 

Moving to new priorities for research or teaching, enhancing performance and quality in both teaching and research, engagement with industry, accessing new research grants and nurturing relationships to maximise engagement requires transparency in strategic thinking and planning. Pragmatic realism is essential to achieving these objectives with the limited resources available to do something new or different. 

Frank Wyatt of EP has developed planning processes that promote engagement in the future, building appropriate business models, efficient decision making approaches, maximising the opportunity for plans to be effectively implemented and measured against scheduled reviews. Frank has worked with schools, departments, research teams and clusters, CRCs, and Institutes and across whole of university strategic thinking and planning over the course of 20 + years to achieve plans that are broadly accepted, integrated and engaging of both internal and external parties. 

We have a tried and assured approach to simply and effectively achieving strategic thinking about where are we now, ambitious and realistic aspirations for where do we want to be, and concrete and engaged approaches to achieving how we will get there. We then convert this into a strategic plan. We then summarise this larger plan into a one page presentation allowing the plan to be easily communicated broadly. 

We strategically follow-up the planning process with a regular progress review against the plan including what’s enabling and limiting its implementation. 


Frank Wyatt has led many strategic thinking and planning sessions across academic entities and in doing so has found that by using our services as an external facilitator the senior personnel, Director, CEO, Head of School can participate as an active member of the process with his or her team without it appearing to be something that is “being done to” others in their team.

Investment in planning 

Effective and efficient planning ultimately saves money whilst building higher engagement and alignment. 

Our fees are customised to the value we offer so please contact us for a proposal and quote.

Frank Wyatt, Managing Director, Enterprising Partnerships Pty Ltd 
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