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Legal framework

"Ventanilla Única" is a one-stop shop to consult the acts and laws relevant to the international trade with Colombia.

Textiles, food processing, oil, clothing and footwear.


The 4 steps to be aware of:

Registration Form

purchase an Import Registration form, filling out a product description and tariff classification, before filing with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism.

Andean Custom Value Declaration

Colombian customs

Special imports permits

imports over USD$5,000 in goods, you’ll need to fill out an ACV Declaration and an Import Declaration form too.

Colombian customs officials will inspect the merchandise to ensure it’s fit, and you can go to an authorized entity to pay import duties, surcharges, VAT and fees.

importing particular goods, like medicines, aircraft or food products, you’ll need to obtain additional import permits from the Ministry of Social Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture or the Civil Aviation Department. Consult with the departments for approval.

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