Regional Globalisation


What's a Regional Globalisation Incubator?

Our definition is that a Regional Globalisation Incubator assists owners of new and early stage businesses in regional and rural areas to access business support to scale their business into global markets. 

This Incubator, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, will work with twenty startup Founders in two regional locations over two years, to enable the development of global mindset, skills and capabilities to access international markets and improve chances of commercial success.

Who can apply?

In June 2021, Enterprising Partnerships will open Expressions of Interest for selection into the Regional Globalisation Incubator located in 2021 in Gippsland. The Incubator will begin on XXXXXXXXXXX

The focus of the Incubator is to assist Founders who are seeking to learn how to trade globally and potentially to export.

The Incubator is available to all Founders and people born overseas on all types of visas including business (refugee, family, spouse etc) and young people 15+ are encouraged to apply.

The Incubator includes the opportunity for those located outside Gippsland to also apply however due to limited numbers, priority will be given to Gippsland-based Founders.

If I put in an Expression of Interest, will I get a place?

We would love to have enough places in the Incubator for everyone who applies however this will be a competitive process which means some people will miss out.


There are a number of other startup programs happening around Gippsland so if you aren't chosen for the Incubator we will send you details so you can find out more about them.

Where will you find Founders to participate?

Across Gippsland, we are working with Councils, business groups, start up organisations, ethnic community organisations, youth organisations and community learning providers.

You are very welcome to contact us directly on the details below for further information. You can also complete the Expression of Interest form below.

What is the selection criteria?

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How do I apply?

We've made the Expression of Interest form below easy to complete. It is a 'first pass' questionnaire to let us know how ready you and your business is to participate in the Incubator. 

If you are not successful at this stage we will let you know about other programs, events, and startup support organisations in Gippsland so you can find other support for the development of your business.

If you are successful to get through to the selection stage, we will ring you and ask for further information.

For questions regarding the Regional Globalisation Incubator, please contact:

Lynda Ford

+61 (0) 414 440 483

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

Our Business recovery and resilience mentors

Vlad Finn

Our Regional Globalisation Facilitators and Technical Experts

Vlad Finn

Grant Downie

Rob Tigani

Derek Waterhouse

Robert Cugno

Shay O'Brien

Celestine Amoako-Boateng

Bill Ferme

Chinmay Ananda

George Giamadakis

Timothy Carroll

Peter Blake

Bri Johnstone

John Gulzari

Tony Sama

Graham Robertson