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As business owners our responsibilities are enormous and our businesses are exposed to disruption every day.

Amongst many other considerations we need to be consistently thinking about how technology will drive change in our markets, what work will look like within the then 5 years, whether our institutions are leading us in the right direction, and how global market changes will impact our ability to pay our staff whilst maintaining our margins.

We also worry about who will keep our business going when we retire or when our circumstances change.

Roundtables are the best place to get support from your peers who share the same concerns as you.

We facilitate a variety of Roundtables for owners with business $10m+; $50m+; and $100m+.

Make your business easier to lead by getting information and support from peers when you need it. We're here to support you.

We'll partner with organisations wanting to support your economic growth; Council economic development teams; hospitals concerned about your health as business leaders; or Professional Service firms who want to expand their service culture as business leaders to their clients.

Ask you local regional economic organisations, chamber of commerce or Council to contact us and we'll discuss with them how we could hold Roundtables for your company.