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Big Ideas Day and

Business Builder Workshops

Big Ideas Day

A 7 hour workshop to help your residents consider the viability of their enterprise idea.


  • one day workshop

  • gets enterprise ideas out of people's heads and onto paper

  • 'First pass' review of business idea

  • helps residents imagine a new future

  • provide new pathways to employment for everyone and especially for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market

  • helps residents to see that Council is keen to foster local business ideas


Business Builder Workshop

Two days of exploring, testing and consolidating their new or existing businesses.


  • two day workshop

  • founders work through their business goals, customers, revenue and costs etc to build a startup with strong foundations

  • workshop is as relevant to people with new ideas as to people with existing businesses considering new products or services to grow their business 

  • build local networks and increase membership of organisations such as Chamber of Commerce, BNI or service clubs



  • Founder exposure to Council business activities such as training and Council facilitated events

  • create or expand startup ecosystem in your community

  • find new ways of growing businesses

  • find emerging types of local businesses and new opportunities for economic development

  • new local products, services and supply chains created

  • visibility of Council's commitment to new and existing businesses

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