Business recovery mentoring

Business Survival.

The Victorian Government has funded Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to deliver business recovery and resilience mentoring. Enterprising Partnerships has been chosen as one of the organisations to deliver this mentoring. 


Based on criteria, VCCI will assess your application and if eligible, you will receive 8 hours of free mentoring with a professional and experienced business mentor. After each session an Action Plan will be agreed with you and used as the basis for further mentoring.

How to access Recovery and Resilience Mentoring:

1. To apply, you register your company with VCCI.

2. VCCI will review, approve or reject your application.

3. VCCI will nominate three mentoring companies to you. 

4. You can then ask VCCI specifically for Enterprising Partnerships - you can also nominate a preferred Enterprising Partnerships mentor if you want. 

5. VCCI advises Enterprising Partnerships that a business has asked for us.

6. Enterprising Partnerships matches a mentor to you.

7. The mentoring process begins.

For questions regarding Recovery and Resilience Mentoring, please contact:

Frank Wyatt

+61 (0) 414 39 2323