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Business mentoring

Business growth.

You know how having someone to discuss your business ideas and issues with can be enormously liberating, freeing up your mind with new possibilities.

Enterprising Partnerships has successfully mentored 480 businesses over the last 18 months and will continue to do so as a fee based service.

At the end of each mentoring session, you will receive an Action Plan for things you need to respond to between sessions; you’ll get out of mentoring what you put into it PLUS the insights and inspiration of your mentor.

How to access mentoring from Enterprising Partnerships:

  1. Apply to be mentored by one of the Enterprising Partnerships mentors either nominating your preferred mentor from our list or inviting us to recommend a mentor.

  2. Our fees for mentoring are $600/hr (+GST) with a minimum of 8 hours agreed in writing.

  3. Enterprising Partnerships will review, approve or reject your application.

  4. If you ask us to nominate a mentor, we will offer you two mentors from our list based on our assessment. Once you’ve chosen a mentor, we will confirm with the mentor that they are willing to mentor you. 

  5. You will be advised accordingly of your mentor.

  6. The mentor will contact you within 48 hours.

  7. Along with this advice will be a committal agreement for you to sign and return to us, along with an invoice for the first five hours of the sessions, final payment will be made after the 5th hour.

  8. The mentoring process begins.

For enquiries regarding business mentoring,
please contact:

Frank Wyatt

+61 (0) 414 39 2323

Business Mentoring Team

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International markets and strategy

Will's Photo.jpg

Investment advisor

Tina M circle.png

Marketing and strategy

Bill Ferme.jpg

Manufacturing and business strategy

Peter McGrath

Business strategy
and planning

Chinmay Ananda -2 (002).jpg

Financial literacy and management

John Gulzari.jpg

Small business and startups


Business development
and financials

Paul Atherton.jpg

Business development


Strategy, teams and implementation

P Woods Photo Suit Cropped.jpg

Food and beverage

Robert Cugno.jpg

Business model and leadership

1674044103787 - Edited.png

Business strategy


Business development and strategy

Industrial and
product designer

George Giamadakis.jpg

Marketing strategy

Neerja Sewak Picture.docx.jpg

Strategy and leadership


Financial systems

Anne Tesch.jpg



Service and learning design

Timothy Carroll.jpg

Export and technology

Peter Blake.jpg

Business strategy and leadership

Mary-012 copy.jpg

Human behaviour

Derek Waterhouse.jpg

Business model
and strategy

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