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BusinessAllies Roundtable (BART) and
Business Women's Alliance Roundtable
An alliance of like-minded business leaders.


Welcome to BusinessAllies and Business Women's Alliance Roundtables - part of the Enterprising Partnerships Getting Back to Business series.

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Ever noticed that magic happens when a small group of highly motivated entrepreneurs get together?

As allies in business they share their passion for great business ideas and feed on the enthusiasm of others.

Promoting Better Business Leadership

Born out of necessity from COVID-19, BART and the Business Women's Alliance is an alliance of entrepreneurial business leaders committed to encouraging each other to follow through on commitments to their business and who are willing to share their secrets to support each other. 

These are business leaders and owners who want to accelerate their achievements post COVID-19 through learning from each other and guests at monthly Roundtable sessions. They are willing to challenge each other’s goals and to support and advise each other as like-minded professionals.

Conducted in person (unless required to go online) over a 6 month period, business allies come together to discuss self-identified themes, whilst creating the scope for individual needs to be discussed and commitments engaged.

BART is for men and women in non-competing businesses and structured around teams of business owners and leaders from similar sized enterprises.

The Business Women's Alliance Roundtable is a women’s only Roundtable

Why are we doing this?

"Entrepreneurs shouldn't struggle alone to ‘get back to business’ when the opportunity is before them to share their extraordinary capabilities with other seasoned entrepreneurs who are passionate to share their business ideas and to feed on the enthusiasm of others. Our job is to assist you to discover (or re-discover) your own capabilities and to learn from your peers.
Based on our 30 years in business consulting, we strongly believe that entrepreneurs committed to sharing and supporting each other through challenging business models and solutions in strictly respectful peers to peer roundtables is the best solution to business growth leadership”
- Frank Wyatt, Strategic Advisor, Enterprising Partnerships.

The BusinessAllies RoundTable experience

BART and the Business Women's Alliance Roundtable are generally held online so you can attend from anywhere in the world from the convenience of your own home or workplace.

Depending on the preference of Roundtable attendees, both Roundtables can also be held face to face with the additional cost of a meal and shared venue costs. 

What's the commitment?

Your investment is simple:

  • commit to two hours per month per Roundtable

  • commit to absolute confidentiality

  • be willing to be open to other ideas and solutions and to act on commitments you make to your business

  • demonstrate business leadership

  • sign up to the current fees and service structure for six months (yes, your commitment is only 2 hours per months for 6 months).

For further information please contact:

Frank Wyatt

Strategic Advisor

Enterprising Partnerships

+ 61 414 39 2323

Frank's Linked In

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