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Founder of StudioHawk
Graduate of Getting Down to Business program 2016

Harry graduated from the Getting Down to Business (GD2B) in 2017. Prior to joining the GD2B Program, Harry had been going through a very difficult life situation, resulting in  homeless and couch surfing. Even though Harry had great skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), he had no business knowledge or experience. The combination of these social factors made it difficult for Harry to discover the possibilities for the skillset he possessed and no idea how to realise it.

Harry did not hesitate in registering for GD2B because he was determined to receive any form of advice or direction relevant for young people like him who lacked business experience.

In the course of the Program, Harry experienced several ‘wow’ moments. Amongst them being put in a room full of young business minds on the very first day of the Program. This experience immediately made him feel welcomed and convinced that he was at the right place. Another memorable moment of the Program was when he met Graham, who still mentors him to this day.

“I met him (Graham) while he was going through and discussing organisation structures and just had that thought of “Wow I hope I get to chat to him”, luckily, I was in his group and the rest is history.”

GD2B provided Harry with a lot of needed direction for his business at that time. It taught him how to specialise, and above anything else, get out of his comfort zone. Graham encouraged him to do public speaking, and other initiatives that ultimately led to where he is today.

The next couple of years are very significant for StudioHawk, as Harry explores further expansion.


StudioHawk doubled its staff to 24 in 2019 and officially launched in London in August 2019.


Even before the launch in United Kingdom, StudioHawk successfully secured a significant number of clients in that country.


Reflecting on how far he has come, Harry feels both humbled and excited about the transformation he's experienced. In addition to running offices in Melbourne and London and gaining customers in many more countries, Harry speaks at conferences and was recently interviewed by Alan Kohler for the QANTAS In Business program.


Harry admits that nothing could have prepared him for where he is now if he had not gained all the learnings of businesses processes and systems through GD2B.

“The most consistent success that I have seen in my business career has been when I stepped outside my comfort zone. I was hesitant to start a business, hesitant to specialise in SEO, hesitant to do public speaking, etc. But each time I have done one of these things, it has taken me to a whole new level. The start of my journey was the Getting Down to Business program, and without it, I doubt very strongly I would be where I am today.”

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