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Founder of Huemur
Graduate of YEPP 2018

John joined the program with the intention to help people be humorous. In 2018 John was finishing year 12 at Trinity College Senior school and concurrently took part in the 10 month YEPP incubator program.


John is on a mission to find a unique way to educate and entertain people simultaneously using infotainment primarily propelled by his love of humour.

It was evident in the early stages of the program that John was a big picture thinker. He thrived in the entrepreneur's collaborative learning environment where he had the opportunity to naturally explore his ideas in a raw and honest space and his big picture thinking was valued and accepted by other entrepreneurs. John formed collaborative partnerships through networking with his peers in the program.

Throughout the program John was able to refine his big picture thinking to achieve a feasible business model, with a clear purpose to provide an online infotainment tutorial to help people find their comedic value.  As the program progressed, so did John’s value proposition to his potential customers and the business venture Huemur was born.

John confidently pitched Huemur to his peers from the program, family, members of the local community and Government representatives.

He was able to take his big picture humour concept and transform and refine his thinking to a workable and informed business venture that considers client offerings, pricing, brand exposure, competition, target markets and parameters.

 “YEPP has allowed not only myself but everyone involved, to embrace and stretch our entrepreneurial capabilities in ways none of us could imagine. 


We were pushed out of our comfort zone and given constructive criticism for what we had to offer, and for that I am grateful.


Without YEPP, I wouldn’t have created connections with mentors and other entrepreneurs, as well as gain clarity in my shifted mindset on newly developed habits such as reading, waking up at 5am and meditating. 


I wasn’t the same ‘John’ by the end of the program, it is safe to say I haven’t changed either, but I’d like to consider myself now as a better John, an upgraded John even.

Starting from a speck of a business idea of what I wanted to build, I had come to the final understanding on ‘why’ I wanted to build it in the first place. To be put quite bluntly, I want individuals to express confidence in embracing their comedic value so that this world becomes a little more happier."

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