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Founder of GiftSkout
Graduate of Cultov8 hackathon and pre-accelerator 2018

Upon completing her degree in Information Technology, Nadine joined the workforce as a software developer and digital product manager. While pursuing a career in her industry, Nadine also developed a keen interest in organising and facilitating hackathons.

After years of experience in her industry, Nadine went through a period of her life, where she struggled to find a job. This served as a wakeup call compelling Nadine to invest in taking control over her career, finances and future aspirations. Uncertain about where and how to start, Nadine signed up to Cultov8.  She did so to benefit from Cultov8's structure, content, and networks.

During the Program, three things stood out for Nadine.


First was the weekly facilitated online workshops. This exercise created an accountability platform which motivated her to actively and continuously pursue her business dreams. It encouraged Nadine to strive for new business milestone each week.


Second was the specialised legal and marketing workshops. These and other workshops provided her with the needed knowledge to support the development of her business.


And beyond the coaching and workshops, Cultov8 also provided Nadine a means to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs - particularly female and Muslim entrepreneurs whom she would not have met without Cultov8.


Nadine felt highly motivated by the sheer confidence Cultov8 facilitators had in her and her business idea.

“I found going from the woes of job hunting to the legitimacy of building a business very empowering. It helped me grow my network and has resulted in several opportunities and partnerships since.”

As Nadine continues to develop GiftSkout, she believes that the confidence and self determination she has gained through Cultov8 will continue to guide and support her for many years to come.

 “Cultov8 was an incredible start to my entrepreneurial journey. In three months, I was able to validate my idea, refine my business model and build a fantastic network of experts and mentors.”

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