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Founder of QulfiMart
Graduate of Cultov8 Business Builder and Pre-accelerator program 2019

Sadaf attended the Cultov8 Business Start Up Weekend because she had a great business idea but needed some help with launching it. She is now the proud owner of QulfiMart.

For the past 15 months, Sadaf had been selling Qulfi which is traditional Indian ice cream. Qulfi is different from other ice creams in that it is mainly dairy based and contains no egg. As a result it is very dense and flavoursome.

When Sadaf attended the start-up weekend, QulfiMart was just an idea that needed a lot of planning and strategy. Starting a new business can be very overwhelming and the workshop helped her consolidate and grow my idea. She was so impressed by the overall experience of the Business Startup Weekend that she signed up for the Pre-accelerator and YourMentor programs.


Sadaf said, "My biggest takeaway from the whole experience was having access to like-minded people who understood my challenges, who shared their ideas and helped me simplify the complex. I didn’t feel alone in my venture anymore."

Sadaf won the Pitch Prize of $3,000 at the end of the 12 week pre-accelerator program.


When asked how she would use that money, Sadaf said, "At the moment all of our Qulfi is made by hand which can be physically tiring and time consuming. As our demand is growing, we are now looking to use the prize money to buy machinery that will speed us production, improve efficiency and attract more customers." 

Sadaf expects to hire at least one part time staff member soon to help her keep up with orders.

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