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Yunus Olutundan
Co-founder of Progeny Stores
Graduate of Cultov8 2019

"Together with my wife, I’m co-founder of Progeny Stores Pty Ltd, a start-up company focusing on eco-friendly body care and hygiene solutions. We launched an environmentally-friendly, disposable baby nappy called “Progeny Nappies” late in 2019.


Conventional nappies take more than 200 years to biodegrade but 60% of Progeny Nappies will biodegrade within 75 days, and our packaging is 100% compostable. In addition, the way we process bamboo means our nappies have anti-microbial properties while being gentle on baby’s skin and avoiding irritation caused by harsh chemicals.

The Cultov8 Start-Up Weekend was a great launching pad for our business. We went through the important steps of articulating our offering to the market, defining our customer persona and demonstrating value creation to products and services.

The weekend and 12 week program gave us a clear insight into how to develop our customer base and ensure a product-market fit. Overall, it was a great sharing experience as all participants wanted to see our ideas come to life. The biggest highlight for me was the opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their business journey."

Yunus won the pitch at the end of the pre-accelerator. "We decided to use the prize money towards our product branding as we know how important it is to get that right. We are currently preparing for the final rounds of customer validation with over 200 childcare centres and mothers’ groups across 50 suburbs in Melbourne.

Watch this space! Progeny Eco-friendly nappies…'Embracing nature from the cradle' will be showing up in your neighbourhood soon!"

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