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Aaron Winning
Founder of FL3P
Graduate of Getting Down to Business Accelerator 2017

Aaron is an alumnus of the Getting Down to Business (GD2B) six month Accelerator held in 2017. 


Aaron’s background is in web development, graphic designing, and IT systems. He has been operating FL3P since his teenage years and has an office n Melbourne and an office in Bangkok that he opened in January 2020.


Like all passionate founders, Aaron was determined to develop and grow FL3P into a sustainable business. He enrolled in the GD2B Accelerator with two friends in search of prospects and insights to scale his IT agency to sustainability so he could be fully employed in his own company. 

During the Accelerator, Aaron connected with like-minded business owners who eventually became long-term friends and “sounding boards” for the sharing of entrepreneurship stories, experiences and supply chains.


The Accelerator also exposed him to knowledge and skills for building a market validated business that is profitable and sustainable. According to Aaron, one of the key highlights of the Program was the connection he immediately created with Finbar O'Hanlon after Finbar's keynote presentation during one of the Accelerator 'Stretch' Days. This mentor-mentee relationship between Finbar and Aaron was instrumental to the personal and business transformation that Aaron benefited from the Program and continues three years later.

GD2B and its mentorship arrangement enabled Aaron to safely explore potential possibilities in growing his business. GD2B helped him to work smarter: a skill which enabled Aaron’s FL3P to increase its revenue year-on-year whiles reducing actual input. This resulted in healthier profit margins which were reinvested into the business, to fund future growth opportunities and has allowed his recent expansion to Thailand.

The GD2B Program has helped Aaron to build his confidence in understanding his customer and the different ways to engage (and retain) them to generate income. This has enabled Aaron transform himself to consult for others on how to deliver similar results for their startups.

“GD2B has not only taught me new things that have catapulted my business and my client businesses forward, but it has also opened up a whole new world of opportunities that have allowed me to follow my dreams and passions of empowering others that I would have never thought possible.”

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