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Eva Khoury
Founder Her Generation
Graduate of Cultov8 Business Builder and pre-accelerator programs 2019

Eva is a HR manager in a corporate who attended the Cultov8 Business Start Up Weekend and said she was blown away by the support and guidance she received at the workshop.

Her business, HerGen, is about empowering and supporting women by showcasing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary stories. These women are ‘nonfluencers’ without a million followers, but with a soul, spirit and a story to share. HerGen tells these stories with the aim of empowering other women to know that their own journeys are just as incredible.

When she attended the start-up weekend, she had a a solid idea about what she wanted for her business, but the workshop opened her eyes to areas – like the validation, competition and pricing process – that she hadn’t yet considered.


Eva said, "the entire program is very holistic and solid. Every single step required in successfully launching a business is covered over the 2 day workshop."

Eva has given advice to other migrant entrepreneurs, "Just do it! It’s a free workshop, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to gain. The experience really exceeded my expectations and I walked away with the necessary tools to take the next steps. My highlight of the weekend is the people I met, from the facilitators to other participants, who I am still in regular contact with. Having people I can reach out to when I’m facing challenges or want to celebrate wins is amazing."

Eva said, "if you’re a woman with an inspiring story, or know a woman with one, please contact me at"

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