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Innovation Generation

Welcome to iGen Foundation

We are a registered NFP with a commitment to cultivating entrepreneurship by young people, migrants and those in regional communities. We believe that by focusing on the following three pillars, entrepreneurship will flourish.

Young Entrepreneurs

Advance the capability of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Australia.

Diverse Innovation

Advance the building of sustainable, harmonious intercultural communities, practices and processes leveraging culturally diverse innovation in Australia.

Good Governance

Advance to good governance and impact of not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

Youth Entrepreneurship

We believe that education, employment and training are critical pathways to successful and happy lives for young people, however, they are not the only options.

We believe that young people owning their own business is a noble and legitimate post-school outcome and allows young people to create the future they want.

We believe business ownership increases young people's economic contribution to Australian can be undertaken regardless of language, faith, cultural, ability, gender, offending, homelessness or homelessness or other background that may result in long term social disadvantage from stigmatisation or unemployment.

We believe business ownership creates a socially inclusive life for young people.

Hear from our Director, Frank Wyatt as he discusses the benefits of youth entrepreneurship as part the Business Essentials Daily podcast series.

Support a young business leader
Business Mentoring

YourMentor is a program that matches successful business people with business mentors.

This includes:

  • Businesses recovering from COVID and recession and seeking resilience

  • Young entrepreneurs aged 15-30 years looking for guidance

iGen Foundation has supported more than 300 businesses with more than 160 mentors.

For more information about how to become a mentor, check out YourMentor.

Intercultural Practice

Interculturalism is the practice of building meaningful relationships between individuals, families and communities from different cultural, language and faith backgrounds. This includes First Nations people and people from the dominant culture.

Intercultural societies are resilient societies which take full social, economic and political advantage of their diversity.

For more information about the Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities Program, and to find out more about interculturalism in Australia, please see Divercities Network of Australasia.

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Re-imagining Victoria’s Economic Recovery via Youth Entrepreneurship

We recently held two online forums focused on youth entrepreneurship being the key to unlocking Victoria's economic recovery. Hear from our speakers and uncover critical insights into youth entrepreneurship here.