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Your support. Your sounding board. Your guiding hand on an otherwise unchartered road.
Welcome to YourMentor.

All business owners speak of the lessons they learned on their journey and fondly remember those who helped them get through the tough (and fun) times. 


They speak of the passion that their mentors had for their success. The invaluable guidance and support and the ability to ask for assistance at any time. 


Mentors are what helped to make these entrepreneurs into true business people. 

We created YourMentor in 2014 to support emerging entrepreneurs to learn from the wisdom of experienced business owners. YourMentor recruits mentors for accelerator and incubator programs and other organisations which support startups.

We would love to talk with you about your time, knowledge and skills that may contribute to the development of emerging entrepreneurs,


In turn, to support you and make sure you have the best possible mentoring experience, we will:

  • provide you with initial training in mentoring

  • invite you to workshops or other events throughout the year so you can widen your own networks, while sharing learning and insights with other entrepreneurs and mentors;

  • support you via our Enterprise Facilitators (business coaches) to discuss the progress of your mentor-mentee relationship;

  • help you access resources and information about mentoring.

For questions regarding YourMentor, please contact:

Frank Wyatt

+61 (0) 414 39 2323

Mentor Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor. We will be in touch!

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