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Louise Berger
Founder of Louise B Creative - graphic design and communication services
Graduate of Getting Down to Business 2015

Prior to 2013 when Louise completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT- she knew exactly the career she wanted. She was not perturbed by the then prevailing stats, which suggested that only 20% of design graduates landed a job in the design industry.


With the support of her family, she ran freelance design services for two years before joining Getting Down to Business.


Even though she hoped that her freelancing would eventually become full-time work, she had no idea of how to get there, until she enrolled in GD2B after being referred by a previous Getting Down to Business graduate, who was convinced about the value GD2B delivers.

Louise said, “a good friend of mine … really wanted me to apply as she felt it was a great program and would be helpful for me. Luckily I took her advice!”

GD2B Program provided Louise a brilliant opportunity to mix with like-minded entrepreneurs. To Louise, the mere fact of being part of a group which understood and appreciated her entrepreneurial journey was very liberating.


The GD2B environment shaped her mindset setting her on the path of solidifying her confidence in herself that the goal to create her own business is achievable. Activities such as roundtable discussions, collective problem-solving, business model canvas exercises and guest speakers all added to the value she derived from Getting Down to Business.

A great extension to this was the mentoring Louise experienced being a part of GD2B Program. The presence of experienced people who had faith in her abilities, coupled with their generosity with time, advice and expertise was a great source of motivation and inspiration for Louise. From Louise's experience with Getting Down to Business mentors, she formed the opinion that one of the most vital components for someone succeeding in business is to have great mentors. This is a conviction Louise is quite confident about.

From a low-key level freelancer to what she has achieved to date, Louise admits that her learning and transformative experience through the Getting Down to Business Program was huge. Getting Down to Business exposed Louise to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and Lean Startup, concepts of which she had no knowledge of before joining the Program.


Principles such as continuous exploring and pivoting challenged her move to away from original plans which did not fit the market opportunities. As a result of these exercises, Louise has developed an entrepreneurial mindset which is not afraid to change directions in her business.


Louise is convinced, the journey is just beginning. She has plans to progressively improve “Louise B Creative” to grow beyond her business which is now comfortably profitable. She is also exploring redefining her business as a ‘Studio’ and not a ‘freelancer’ to expand the value to her customers.

“I truly don't think that I would have been able to progress my business to the point it's at now in the time that it's taken if it hadn't been for the Getting Down to Business . I may have gotten there one day in the future, but I'm not sure of how or when.

If you had said to me 10 years ago that I would be running my own studio at 26 I would have laughed. I have been able to create a life doing work that I love and is important to me, on my own terms. It’s life-changing and I’m eternally grateful!”

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