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Markets in demand

What are the products and services Mexico is currently importing to satisfy the local demand.


Costa Rica

costa rica.png

1. Palm Oil

2. Food preparations

3. Medical devices

4. Babassu or palm kernel oils, raw

5. Seals or gaskets, made of rubber

1. Edible fats and oils

2. Natural rubber

3. Paper and cardboard manufactures

4. Wardrobe items

5. Liquid alcoholic beverages and vinegars



f guatemala.png



f nicaragua.png

1. Shelled peanuts, even cracked

2. Live animals of the bovine species

3. Crude palm oil

4. Harnesses for automotive use

5. Electrical conductors for voltages up to 80V

Want to know what a particular Mexican State is importing?

DataMéxico is a tool that allows the integration, visualization and analysis of public data to promote innovation, inclusion and diversification of the Mexican economy. Here you will be able to find the current international trade by State, product and market size.

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