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Welcome to Enterprising Partnerships

With more than 30 years experience as a business consulting firm, we’ve helped thousands of people create, grow and scale their businesses. We work with startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders and governments. We’re focused on self-determination in business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Our strengths and core areas of work are business mentoring, business coaching and entrepreneurship skills development for self-employment and employment of others. We work with people at the earliest stage of their business idea; at the start up stage of their business and when their business is ready for growth in Australia or globally.

Our expertise assists local governments to ignite a spark in their community to help residents grow their local economy. We assist state and federal governments to deliver critical programs which support businesses to survive post COVID-19 and thrive with solutions to meet emerging and existing problems. 

We transform people into business owners, problems into solutions and leave people we work with more skilled, capable and confident.

Learn more about how we can help your business from idea to growth.

Start and grow your business with EP.

Getting Down to Business supports all types of people in getting their business idea started.

Getting Back to Business enables business owners and leaders to think, reflect and act on their business priorities.


Recognising the lack of support for entrepreneurship, we created a NFP committed to cultivating entrepreneurship by young people, migrants and those in regional communities.

Apply for Enterprising Partnerships initiatives 

COVID-19 has been really tough for many businesses. After assisting more than 500 business owners over the past two years, we've been asked to provide a follow on mentoring service now that the Victorian Government's Business Mentoring program has concluded.

Choose from mentoring in finance, innovating your business model, marketing, business planning and many others. Businesses in all industries with any type of products and services are welcome to apply.

Applications are open now. See here for more information and how to apply for business coaching with one of Enterprising Partnership's mentors.

An Export trade delegation provides opportunities for participating export-ready companies to explore new markets, meet potential investors and gain valuable insights and connections.

Our trade Missions open doors and fast track companies to engage with the right companies and just as importantly, the right individuals.


Key points of interest:

  • Singapore has a strong relationship with Australia and there is a genuine desire to access more of Australian’s clean, green products and produce

  • Singaporean businesses are looking for long-term partnerships which deliver mutual benefit, particularly in:

    • Aged care

    • Aviation and Aerospace

    • Building and construction

    • Defence

    • Financial Services

    • Food and agribusiness

    • Health and medical

    • ICT


Visit objectives:

  • Meet with organisations and individuals specific to the delegation who may assist logistics, retail and marketing partnerships

  • Understand trade and service logistics in the region

  • Visit Global Vic office

  • Visit Austrade Landing Pad - Singapore

  • Meet with Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Tour techopolis, Mediaopolis

  • Potentially meet with officials from the Central Provident Fund - 

  • Potential buyers, agents, distributors, and joint venture partners can be sourced directly through this Mission and also by Global Vic and Austrade. 

  • Eat some excellent local food!

To find out more, attend our Information session: Why go and what you can expect on 16 November at 5.30pm.

To attend or for more information, please contact:

Tim Carroll
+61 (0) 474 063 187 
Frank Wyatt
+61 (0) 414 39 2323

Born out of necessity from COVID-19, Business Allies RoundTable (BART) is an alliance of entrepreneurial business leaders committed to encouraging each other to follow through on commitments to their business and their knowledge to support each other. 

These are business leaders and owners who want to accelerate their achievements through learning from each other and guests at monthly Roundtable sessions. They are willing to challenge each other’s goals and to support and advise each other as like-minded professionals.

BART is for men and women in non-competing businesses and structured around teams of business owners and leaders from similar sized enterprises.

Apply for iGen Foundation programs 

iGen Foundation is a charitable organisation which began in 2015 as a passion project completely funded by Enterprising Partnerships. Over the years, iGen has become a critical driver of entrepreneurial pathway creation for young people and migrants. 

In addition to continued funding and other support from Enterprising Partnerships, iGen Foundation now receives government grants and business sponsorship to help design, operate and implement its expertise.

By creating unique business startup and growth programs, iGen Foundation nurtures the next generations of economic development for local communities and increases employment and self-determination through business ownership for young people and migrants.

After a successful 2022 program assisting young people up to 30 years old to gain the skills needed to start and grow a business we're delighted to help promote Invest in a Young Entrepreneur 2023 for iGen Foundation.

This free program is funded by business owners who see youth entrepreneurship as a way of investing in businesses of the future.

Without our sponsors, the Invest in a Young Entrepreneur program would not be possible.

Thank you from the iGen Foundation board and 2022 young entrepreneurs.

If you'd like to apply for IYE in 2023 or sponsor a young entrepreneur, please find out more 


iGen Foundation has another reason to celebrate its programs and expertise in working with marginalised communities.

Delivered by iGen Foundation In partnership with Jesuit Social Services, funded by City of Melbourne, and evaluated by the schools of Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology and Box Hill Institute, Keeping it in the Family focuses on building business capability for migrant families..

The program is unique as it is the only entrepreneurship program to be delivered in languages other than English. The first program in 2022 was for Spanish speakers (finished July, 2022) and the second program is for English speaking migrants (finishes December 2022).. 

In 2023, the February program is entirely in Arabic for Arabic-speaking migrants and in March, entirely in Mandarin for Mandarin speaking migrants.

To find out more information, please contact
Lynda Ford.

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